Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop

English below…
戻ってきたぜ!Pressure Drop💥



Pressure Dropメンバーの最強レゲエDJともコラボします🎧🎤🌈


ではでは…2/16 7pmからKAMPにてお会いしましょう〜🕺🏼🎊

We’re back! Did you get any Valentines chocolate this year? No? Well, beat those blues to the back of your mind, and fall in love with the sweet, sweet acoustic sounds of Saumya!

Recently arrived, all the way from Stumptown (Portland, USA) to Peachtown (Okayama, Japan), Saumya’s laid back, mellow style is all you need to feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the world again!

Combined with our league of extraordinary Pressure Drop DJs, at February’s event you really will be spoilt for choice!

Don’t keep it all to yourself. Share this post, share the love, and please, please, please, share the choco! See you on February 16, from 19.00, (live starting at 20.00) only @ KAMP!